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            Group Guitar Lessons/Courses          

Lee offers beginner, intermediate and advanced group guitar lessons that are FUN and POSITIVE , but also well ORGANISED.  "It’s very important to me that each student achieves their own musical goals, and has the confidence to perform them in front of others.  In other words, my lessons are designed to help you become a happy and confident guitar player".

On your first lesson/course you will be playing songs and learning  the right skills/techniques to get the results you want. Creativity is strongly encouraged and all questions are answered.  At the end of each lesson, we will have a recap session where we go through the weeks assignment together.  And , If you need help during the week, all of the lesson materials will be available 24-7 in the student moodle.  The student moodle is where you can look at and print off materials from the lessons and also complete any tasks/assignments set.  There is also a forum where you and the students can chat all things guitar. I can also track student progress and take care of all scheduling, and communication.  If you take all of these benefits and combine them with the additional benefits of group guitar lessons, you have the best learning environment for achieving fast results on the guitar.

5 good reasons why group guitar lessons are a great way for you to learn.

1. A  small class size of up to 10 students  keeps all the benefits of working in groups, 

while allowing plenty of time for the individual attention each student needs.

2. AFFORDABLE. Works out to less than half the price of private one to one lessons.

3. Directly targets “stage fright” and puts you on the fast track to live performance.

4. Learning in groups offers encouragement, support and accountability.

5. It gives you the opportunity to network with other musicians.

If this sounds like something you would really like to do, go ahead and email lee on and you will get all the information about the group guitar lessons. You will also be informed about any specialty lessons as they come available (blues, song writing,, music theory, guitar maintenance, etc…..). Thanks again for stopping by Lee’s Guitar Lessons, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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